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To the "Entrepreneur in you" !

We understand that, In journey of realizing a dream, Information plays a vital role. A right information at right time can help you a lot to make it happen. Our mission is to save your time by arming you with useful tools, skills and resources or Training and Internship.

Bangalore, We are here, again!!!

Last year, in summer of 2018 KARD organized an intensive training cum Internship Program in Bangalore for engineering students in the month of July-August. We thank from bottom of heart to all those candidates who made the event a grand success. After completion of the program, there was a certificate distribution ceremony in which Mr. Sanjay Kolar from CISCO made his special appearance and shared his valuable experience with candidates.  CLICK HERE for pics of the event.  For training pics CLICK HERE .

This year we are back with more.

Want to build a strong career portfolio by having a strong internship?

Along with more than 10 latest and high demanding courses, This time, We are Introducing …

Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning using Python

You actually have options.  Either you can procrastinate and miss another opportunity to learn, “to really learn” a technology which can elevate your career. Or you can make it possible NOW.

You know what you want to learn, what you need to learn in order to set your path to advancement of your career. Here is another semester break, another opportunity to learn. You need an internship. Use this internship to learn something which will take you one step forward towards your goal, towards your dream career that you always wanted to pursue.

Imagine 30 days with an expert of a technology that you want to learn. A classroom in which you are most comfortable to ask questions and doubts, side by side doing practical and real projects. An internship well used. 

Get intensive training on a technology of your choice and get certificates for training as well as internship.

What students have to say who have attended our sessions:

Training Internship Testimonial - KARD
Laxmi Priya V

“Thank you KARD for organizing a summer program for hardware and software courses. Before joining KARD, i used to think that hardware programs are difficult to learn. But after this program i really learnt a lot about boards like NodeMCU, Arduino etc. Sensors used in day to day life.  i request to organize this program in every semester.”

Training Internship Testimonial - KARD
Yekshith Bhushan N

KARD is a place where we go to learn to break our limits of thinking about a problem. A place where we are taught our topics in a very pleasant way. It has been a pleasure to learn with KARD. With the help of KARD and it’s trainers, the shift from nothing to a great level of industrial understanding of electronics made possible, which i am very grateful for. “

Only 30 seats could be arranged. Reserve your spot NOW !!!

  • Intensive classroom training
  • Practical and real projects
  • 30 day duration
  • Free take away kit
  • N number of projects covered
  • Free support for major project
  • One program, two certificates:

a) Winter training   b)  Industrial Internship

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