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Best Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

We have prepared an E-book with curated information on Entrepreneurial Tools, Resources and Skills which are available for free to use. These resources will help you right from Idea generation to successfully idea launch and even marketing and business strategy development.

KCC (KARD's College Consortium)

Objective of this consortium is to build a network of HODs and Principals representing engineering institutions and professionals representing industrial sectors with ultimate motive to increase skill level of engineering students.

KCC is being implemented in Bengaluru. If you are in Bengaluru, Feel free to connect.

Local Chapters of KARD

By definition, Chapter means, a part of book or better say, important part of a book. Meaning is not different here, KARD is a book which is being completed by awesome chapters like you. By chapter, we mean part of ours.

If you enjoy helping others and can lead a local chapter of KARD in your city, Feel free to connect.

Campus Ambassador of KARD

Extra curricular activities are important. To thrive in industrial world, Candidates need to acquire skills which are not taught traditionally. To achieve this objective, KARD conducts technical and entrepreneurial events across the country.

If you love to organize events and are among the active students in your college, Feel free to connect.   

FPIE (Fellowship Program for Innovative Engineers)

As part of our mission to promote research and project – oriented skill development  in engineering and academic sectors of INDIA, We are offering a monetary fellowship to final year engineering students working on their major project.

If you are working on an innovative idea for your final year major project in sectors like AI, ML, IoT, Robotics, AR, VR, Then feel free to connect.

Tech - Fest sponsorship

Technical festivals, these are the days when students learn and enjoy, both at once (it’s rare for engineering students, LOL ). Days with most excitement and enthusiasm for engineering students. And we would love to be a part of these days.

if you are organizing a tech fest in your college, Feel free to connect. We would love to sponsor it.